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The Middle School program is an exceptional combination of vigorous curriculum and skill development, in conjunction with a commitment to student exploration, process and problem solving.
It encourages discourse for young adolescents to discover and pursue their particular abilities, talents and interests, while providing
opportunities to work collaboratively with peers both within their grade level and across the three grades.
Each grade level is unified around a theme which serves to connect the experiences in the core curriculum of Social Studies, English, Science and Mathematics.
Grade-level teams of teachers have a positive impact on the delivery of the curriculum, skills development and individual student needs. The program helps students develop organizational, academic and personal skills they will need as they progress through their academic career.


From a technology standpoint, the Middle School relies on a 2-piece platform that utilizes the strengths of technology and the advantages of paper through the use of the school-issued personalized and customized iPad and Levenger notebook. Together these two items are powerful learning and organizational tools for your child; one that they will most likely use for life.
Students use their iPads to collaborate with others, creatively synthesize and demonstrate knowledge through the creation of multiple media types including video and engage with the world. 
Students use technology to create videography and multimedia presentations to be shared with various audiences including classmates, scientists, business people as well as panels of independent experts both internal and external to the Dwight-Englewood community.
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Located in Englewood, New Jersey, Dwight-Englewood is a greater New York City area private school with a rigorous college prep curriculum for boys and girls in preschool through grade 12.