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In our Preschool Three classroom, teachers warmly greet young children who are navigating the process of separating from parents.
With kindness and a gentle smile, teachers welcome our youngest learners into a new world filled with the wonder of friends, sensory play, art, singing, storytelling, block-building, dramatic play, and outdoor expeditions.
In Preschool Three, children are deeply absorbed in individual or parallel play. Three- and young four-year-olds can express emotions in both bold and restrained ways; they can be adventurous in spirit or quite wary. Our teachers welcome the opportunity to connect with young children and help them feel comfortable forming new relationships outside of the context of family life. Teachers also learn what the children are passionate about, nurture those interests, and provide stimulating materials with which the children express themselves.

Children in our Preschool Four class arrive each morning with confidence and glee. 
Many times they are entrenched in conversation with friends before taking off their backpacks or removing their coats, as peer relationships become a central developmental theme. Frequently, they enter the room with defined plans and strong preferences for certain areas of the room, specific materials, or projects. They relish the newness of each school day and often connect back to family life by sharing important news about home.
Preschool Four teachers feed the growing curiosities of four- and five-year-olds. They observe what children are drawing, discussing or building, and offer opportunities to extend the area of interest. Four- and five-year olds increasingly engage in complex, collaborative play. Small groups of children settle upon an interest, and teachers gather books from the library on the specific topic or vary the dramatic play area according to new curiosities.
Like butterflies we start off as small little caterpillars and eventually we spread our wings and fly.
- Karina
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Located in Englewood, New Jersey, Dwight-Englewood is a greater New York City area private school with a rigorous college prep curriculum for boys and girls in preschool through grade 12.