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The Dwight Englewood School supports a community of learners and an atmosphere to facilitate communication amongst parents, faculty and staff in order to help our children grow and thrive. D-E,  in collaboration with the D-E Parents' Association (PA) www.jssurfboards.com/pa, strives to provide resources to help parents navigate the ups, downs and various twists in the developmental pathways of our children. There is no one size fits all formula and there is no right or wrong way. In addition, the members of the Student Support Team are always available to support your child and family.

The following websites were selected to represent a range of topics that may aide you in the challenges of parenting:


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  • Back to School Strategies

    • A past presenter at D-E, Life Balance Coach  offers these  
    •  NASP provides helpful strategies to ease the transition back to school.
  • Be A Happier Parent: Raising A Family, Having A Life, And Loving (Almost) Every Minute

  • Challenge Success

     : Stanford University Graduate School of Education providing resources to “help parents, school and children looking for healthier and more effective paths to success in the 21st century.”
  • Communicating with Your Child

     The American Psychological Association provides strategies for communicating with your child.
  • National Association of School Psychologists

     National Association of School Psychologists offers a plethora of resources on child rearing practices.
  • NYU Child Study Center

     NYU Child Study Center provides “information on children’s mental health and parenting based on research in child psychiatry, psychology and child development.”
  • Parents in Action

     Parents In Action is a nonprofit group providing “parenting education, information and a communication network to help parents prepare their children and teenagers to cope with social pressures and make sound choices to a future free of alcohol and drug abuse.”
  • The Parents League of New York

     “The object of the League is to unite parents in an effort to promote the moral, mental and physical well-being of their children by establishing wholesome standards in matters affecting their education, amusements and home life.”


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  • KidsHealth

     Kids Health provides information on healthy living including nutrition, fitness and growth and development.
  • Healthy Eating / Nutrition

     WebMD provides advise about teaching your child healthy eating habits.

    Eat Right - American Dietetic Association

    The website is jointly run by the USDA and DHHS (Dept of Health and Human Services)
    NIH's Office of Dietary Supplements.  Providing comprehensive information on vitamins, minerals and other supplements.
    This website is from the National Institutes of Health's (NIH) National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.  
    The website provides information on the basic food groups, number of servings needed per day and also guidelines as to what constitutes a serving for each food group. 
    Influential consumer watchdog organization.  The very useful "Chemical Cuisine" section rates food dyes and additives in terms of safety.  
    A search engine for scientific journals where you can research mostly any health-related subject.
    "Body Image" book referenced in the NY Times article will be published in 2020.  This is the author's Bio 
    Research: Counterproductive effects of pressuring children to eat on intake and affect. 

  • Keeping Kids Healthy and Fit

     PBS parents provides strategies to motivate your child to get fit.
  • Healthy Sleep Habits

     NASP provides strategies to develop healthy sleep habits.


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  • Connect Safely

     Connect Safely contains news, perspective and advice on the use of social media.
  • On Guard Online

      On Guard Online contains information on keeping your child safe online.
  • Safe Kids

     Safe Kids contains information, advice, and tips relating to child security and the web.


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  • All Kinds of Minds

     All Kinds of Minds "seeks to recognize the uniqueness of each learner and create a more diverse, flexible system of education."
  • LD Online

     LD Online provides resources on learning disabilities and ADHD.


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