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From Jonathan Davis, Middle School (MS) Principal

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  • 7.1.2020 MS Messages / End of Year Update

    Dear "Rising" Grades 6-8 (Middle School (MS)) Families,
    I invite you to read the latest issue of !  This latest issue provides some end-of-school-year updates and reminders from my office, summer reading requirements, and an important message from Dr. Mirangela Buggs, D-E Director of Diversity & Equity Engagement. Click  to view. 
  • 6.22.2020 MS Grades Now Available

    June 22, 2020 
    Middle School Families,

    This afternoon you have access to your student’s final grade report for the 2019-2020 school year.  You can access the comments through the D-E website.  Please see the instructions listed below.

    The final report card should be viewed with the previous reports in mind.  It is important to look at the year as a whole to better see the direction and growth of the Middle School student.  The goal of the Middle School is process over product, so while the grades are important markers, how a student arrived at those grades is more valuable at this point in their learning.  As always, working together, we can help the children learn the skills of self-reflection, making adjustments, and goal setting.

    This has been a challenging semester for all of us.  The teachers were asked to keep this in mind as they were compiling final semester grades, and in most cases students did not experience a decline in their grades from where they were when we left campus mid-semester.

    I have been impressed with the students and their ability to adjust during this unprecedented time.  While grades and academics remain very important, the quality of character that the Middle Schoolers exhibited is a bigger indicator of their future success.  

    Have a restful summer.



    Instructions to Access Spring Semester Grades:

    You will see a link for MS Spring Semester Report Card.  When you click on the link, a .pdf that contains your child’s progress information will open in a new window.  This file can be saved to your computer or printed out for your records.  These reports will remain viewable while your child is enrolled at Dwight-Englewood.
  • 5.28.2020 Introducing "Coping with COVID-19" Website

    May 28, 2020 
    Dear Dwight-Englewood School Families,  
    As we all continue to work through the complex challenges associated with the pandemic, we want to inform you of a new online resource that has been created: our new
    "" Website. 
    This new "" Website is only accessible to D-E students, parents/guardians, and faculty/staff, after Logging-In to MyD-E. 
    To access the new "" Website:
    > LogIn to MyD-E. 
    > You will find a link to the "Coping with COVID-19" Website on your Resource Board and/or click .
    > If you need help to LogIn to MyD-E, please Email help@jssurfboards.com

    Together we have worked to curate and collect the various links that you will find on "Coping with COVID-19" which include resources for sound mental, physical, and emotional health. Also included are links supplied by parents/guardians and faculty/staff, who have shared them with us since the first few weeks of quarantining and physical distancing. 
    We welcome suggestions of new resources to provide to our extended community on our "Coping with COVID-19" Website.  Please send any links or new resources ideas to us via Email at: share@jssurfboards.com.
    Finally we wish to express our collective wish for your health and safety at this difficult time. 
    Kim Lewis, Lower School Principal
    Jonathan Davis, Middle School Principal 
    Joe Algrant, Upper School Principal
    Mirangela Buggs,  Director of Equity & Diversity Engagement
    Michelle Carstens, Chair, D-E Health & Wellness Dept.
    Lynda Soriano, Director, Human Resources
    D-E Student Support Services Team 
  • 5.6.2020 Update for MS Families

    May 6, 2020
    Dear Middle School Families,

    Although it was pretty clear that it would happen, it was hard to get the news from New Jersey and New York that schools would be physically closed for the remainder of the year.  I had been holding out hope that we would get a week or two at the end of the year where we could come together as a community and finish the year in the traditional way.  We will be continuing school through the last scheduled day, June 11.

    The senior school administration, principals, and faculty are working together to develop end of year plans that will allow us to end the year with as much celebration as possible while also making sure everyone is safe.  We know that there are smaller things to take care of as well, such as making sure students can pick up their items which were left at school before spring break.

    At the same time, we are also moving forward with the 2020-2021 school year.  Students met with their grade level dean this morning to talk about scheduling for the coming year.  There are two parent Q&A sessions scheduled for this week, with current 7th grade families meeting tomorrow morning at 8:15, and current 6th grade families meeting Friday morning at 8:15.  We will be recording these sessions for those who cannot attend.

    There is also a change coming in the Middle School administration next school year.  With Betsey Carson’s retirement, Liz Traub is stepping away from the 7th Grade Dean position to work in the Learning Center with a focus on math and organizational support.  James Aitken will shift from 8th grade to 7th grade.  I’m excited to announce that Junior De La Hoz, formerly of Proctor Academy, will be joining Dwight-Englewood this fall as the new 8th Grade Dean.  He will make a recorded appearance in the parent meeting tomorrow.  

    We also have scheduled parent forums for later in May.  I expect that we will know more about the direction things are going by then, so it will be hopefully a conversation with more certainties than unknowns.  Of course, they will all be virtual meetings using Zoom.  
    6th Grade: May 20, 4:00 pm
    7th Grade: May 21, 8:15 am
    8th Grade: May 19, 8:15 am

    It is during challenging moments that you really learn about people.  It is clear that the Dwight-Englewood community is a strong one, and I’ve been impressed with the resiliency of our students and the adaptability of the teachers.  

    Stay safe and healthy.



Welcome to the Middle School at Dwight-Englewood. Our program is designed around the needs and experiences of Middle School students, and you can feel the enthusiasm and excitement within our walls. Our students and faculty love to come here, and we would love for your family to visit to experience it firsthand. Every day our students explore not only our diverse offerings in academics, arts, and athletics, but also the areas of personal ethics and problem solving skills. Middle School students at Dwight-Englewood experience the thrill of intellectual pursuits, the delight of finding new interests, the joy in social friendships, the pleasure of challenging oneself, and the excitement of developing leadership skills. They excel in the classroom, on the stage, on the playing fields, in the music halls, in making ethical decisions, and in solving meaningful problems in creative ways.
The Middle School years are truly an age of opportunity for intellectual and personal growth in students. Our students are challenged, nurtured, mentored, celebrated, and encouraged in a vast array of ways by the fabulous cadre of teachers. As our students grow emotionally, physically and intellectually, we are there to guide them along the way, gently pushing them and supporting them, and picking them up when they falter.
The core curriculum, along with enrichment programs, supports the Dwight-Englewood school mission. Our Discovery Classes, our HomeBase system, and our Activity Period are just a few of the exploratory and innovative programs that capitalize on students’ interests and extend their learning. Our Service Learning Community Connections and our Leadership Program provide experiences for our students to become ethical citizens of the world.
I invite you to explore the excitement found within our Middle School and encourage you to make an appointment with the Admissions Office.

Photo: Jonathan Davis, Middle School Principal, at Groundbreaking of the new Middle School building, currently under constuction.


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  • Photo of James Aitken

    Mr. James Aitken 

    Dwight-Englewood School
    Athletics, History, Middle School, Student Support
    (201) 227-3235
    Colorado College - B.A.
    Simmons College - M.A.
    University of Northern Colorado - Ed. S. (Ed. Specialist)
  • Mr. Junior De La Hoz 

    Dwight-Englewood School
    8th Grade Dean
  • Photo of Tasha Urbanowski

    Ms. Tasha Urbanowski 

    Dwight-Englewood School
    Dean / Support Class Teacher
    (201) 227-3237
    Columbia University - M.A.
    Smith College - B.A.

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